27 Questions to Álex Marco

Who is Álex Marco?

A normal 30 years old guy.

What did you wanted to be when you where a child?

I always wanted to dedicate myself to painting, with no consequences or future prospects, and so I continue!

Where do we find you any day?

In studio mainly.

By which colors would you describe the different stages of your professional career?

At first dark oxide, that turned into a sorely dark green. Now Black.

Which artist are you inspired by constantly?

Christopher Wool, Luc Tuymans, Clyfford Still, Richard Serra, Jonathan Meesse, Iggy Pop…

And in these last months?

Henri Michaux.

Why white and black in your paintings?

More than white and black, it would be better to say only black on any surface able to create a vacuum below that color. I’ve been looking for a fundamental basis evoked to the essence in my pictorial discourse, if I can say something with less better than to stir up with much, because I would be wrong in some surely.

What does Álex Marco listen to while he creates?

The Stooges, John Maus and The Cure.

Work uniform?

Anything obsolete to use from my closet.

Star sign of your closet?

Everything is quite dispensable.

Movie that you would not recommend?

Amelie. It did a lot of damage to my school generation.

Who are your demons?

Myself first.

What you doubt the most?

A just completed painting, I always question my results.

What would you like to dare to wear?

Well, more than for daily or street, I would like to paint in a good suit.

What is the best and the worst about painting?

The best thing is that you are FREE (in any condition). The worst thing is that you are navigating your whole life in uncertainty and economically hanging from a very fine thread. It is not a life for someone who expects or loves luxuries.

What would you never do regardless of the price?

Something that could affect the health or well-being of my beloved ones or my work.

What obsess you?


Chance or destiny?


Which would be a great death?

Without knowing.

Regret of what you have done or of what you have not done?

What I have not done, no doubt.

What question would you like to ask others?

Have a beer?

Adidas or Nike?


Brand you would never wear?

Right now, Supreme. A pitty.

A place to lose in?

My studio.

Which future do you predict for Valencia cultural panorama?

I have good expectations, we’ll see. Important centers are re-emerging from the very ashes and opening new ones with profiles in great conditions. The issue is that they must support the production of young artists.

Which advice would you not give tu a Fine Arts student?

To stick to the subjects program.

What have you discovered about yourself this last year?

Absolute mental control.

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