Hello! We are Lakajade Vintage.

We are the most unconventional vintage fashion store in Spain.


Vintage word is used to name objects with unless 20 years old revalued with the pass of the time because of their excellent design and quality. But all antique issues needn’t be classified as vintage, the difference is that an object of these characteristics can be considered as a collector’s item.

Lakajade is defined through three key ideas:


Lakajade looks for the most exclusive pieces from the 70s, 80s and 90s from different all over the world cities like San Francisco, Berlin, London or Paris characterized by their unique designs. We choose them personally one by one to offer you the most top, demanded and on trend items and brands. You will find difficult to pick just one.


Lakajade is committed to the quality of its products. We love vintage fashion because of its production method and the type of materials used that gave the garments a durability and resistance very difficult to find in the fast fashion industry nowadays. In addition, we check each one of the pieces through a high quality control to send them in perfect conditions.


Lakajade gives each piece the special badge it deserves, treats them as a small treasure of the past through a highly professional image taking care of the smallest details. We express our own vision of what we understand by vintage through an authentic and genuine lifestyle established in an art, skate and culture ambit.