Hringvegur, a route through Iceland

It gets the feeling that nowhere else in the world you can see the same amount of shades of green as in Iceland. Or the ocher of the moss on the huge lava fields. The dark browns of the Highland valleys. The vivid reds and warm colors mixed with cold colors in the sulfur fumes. The stunning black sand beaches. The blue of the icebergs in the glacial lakes. The white of the snow covering everything in winter. Or the rainbow rhyolite mountains of Landmannalaugar.

Hringvegur, the new Lakajade campaign, was born in parallel with a photographic project by Rbnisonfire that studies the color and the main geological characteristics of Iceland landscapes. Hringvegur, therefore, is the document that talks about this trip experience.

Three friends, tents, a car and more than 2000 kilometers.

Text and pictures by Rbnisonfire.


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