Laka & Jade

In 2014 we bought the Ikea hanger for €15 and there lays all our stock. The warehouse is the bedroom. Everything is a nice game and people are already starting to laugh at us. But not you.

Jade leaves her job and Laka abandons her studies. Family becomes crazy. “To spend the rest of our lives in an office, we take the risk.”

Everything that comes after is a fucking madness.

In 2015 Max arrives, we enter in Berghain and on Asos Marketplace. We no longer have to answer a thousand Directs to sell a shirt. We multiply the shabby hanger in six more, made of metal, yep. People keep laughing at us. But not you.

We are lack of space and we have to look for a local. We found it. The most busted. It is 2016. We have to cover our faces with masks, take brooms and rags and kneel to clean. We put a green velvet sofa and fill with frames the wall. People loves our new place but we are horrified by the tiles of the entrance and the curtain of the attic.

Good things continue to happen: we open our own website. We are scared. We started selling more than ever. People do not laugh so much anymore. The photo studio arrives and the sessions with models that end up becoming friends. You ask thousands of Directs to collaborate. We improve our packaging and you love it. We select the clothes better. We invest in it money that previously seemed unthinkable. We are published in Lamono, Dogway and Highsnobiety Style. OH MY GOD. The laughter is barely audible. Lakajade crew increases. Increase the family. Sales are Jumanji at the store. You collapse us with orders. You hang the web. All Sold Out.

We earn enough to make a reform and open a store. We don’t care about having to bring a sculpture from Germany. We make the physical store Lakajade deserves. The initial investment of €30 becomes everything you see now, which is nothing more than the faithful reflection of two people who come from the bottom and that based on sweat and tears take forward a project in which they firmly believe.

Thanks to those who never laughed because now we are who starts to laugh.
2019 comes hard ?

Laka & Jade photographed at Lakajade Store by Mark Sicon.