Old Kits & Baroque

Last March 27th was launched in Lakajade an exclusive sale of 80 iconic vintage soccer jerseys from teams around the world on our website.

It is an honor for our team to be able to say that we put together such exceptional pieces as Adidas Bayern Munich 1995-1996 with numbers 10 by Lothar Matthäus, 7 by Mehmet Scholl and 18 by Klinsmann; a shirt of the German national team of 1996-1998 signed by all the members of the team; an Adidas of the Argentina National Team of the 96 Olympic Games; a Nike from Borussia Dortmund 1999; a Row of the Fiorentina of 1998-1999; an Adidas of the third team of the Bayern Munich of 85 in perfect condition; a Kappa of the Betis of the years 1997-1998 third equipment; or an Adidas of Deportivo de la Coruña 1997-1998 of the final period of Super Depor with 10 de Fran; among other.

In Lakajade we conceive this kind of pieces as collector’s vintage jewelery, which requires a special place that is granted to them through our category The Collectors, a space dedicated to those vintage items of unrepeatable designs full of history; which have become pieces of authentic cult for the coolest streetwear trends of today.

We present this collection with ‘Old Kits & Baroque’ editorial in one of the most peculiar corners of Valencia, El Café de las Horas, a neobaroque café that combines the aesthetics of the classic literary café of the beginning of the century with the the Parisian aura and the English tea room.

Playing with rococo-style golden mirrors with the Argentina of 96, majestic chandeliers with the 85’s Germany, or classic cherubs with the Spain of 98, we have created a unique picture where football and classics go hand in hand .

Editorial shooted at El Café de las Horas, Valencia, Spain.