Violeta Parra, Ozuna, Instagram & Realmente Bravo

What do your mothers tell their friends when they are asked about Realmente Bravo?

Paula: “A company dedicated to the production of ideas, sketches making, products advertisement, cover magazines, discs, advertising and image material…” They take it much more seriously than us, hahaha.

Vik: “A brand that is dedicated to do merchandising for other companies and also sells their own accessories. Very original, innovative and creative”.

What is Realmente Bravo actually?

This question is cool because it changes through the time. We always copy / paste the roll of “RB is direction of art, photo and graphic design, although we use it as an excuse to do what we want and learn” but it really ends up being that. Many times we do not know where the limits of something created by RB are. Is it good to name what you do constantly or in the end the labels can turn against you? If we assemble a closet, we paint a table, we cook a salad … are we talking about Realmente Bravo?


If the drunk man from the public wouldn’t have shouted your naming at the concert, how would you have liked to call yourselves?

P: It would be complicated, the naming in most cases ends up being a joke.

V: I like Juan Carlos I University.

What does RB mean for Paula and Paula for RB?

V: It is important that this gets clear: Realmente Bravo is two people and being sincere Paula is who carries the most of the work: art direction, pre-production projects and photo production and all things that can’t be seen from the outside (administrative procedures, agenda, etc.). We are VERY tired of the invisibilized women roll and the fact of assuming that man is the one in charge. Sincerely, Realmente Bravo could exist without Víctor but not without Paula.

P: It is not the first time that the two of us are at an event or fair and people refers exclusively to Víctor, assuming that I come as a companion or some shit like that. For many men it is difficult to assume that a woman is in charge of a project or company or directing it on equal terms and not being the “girlfriend of” or the friend who lends a hand. Apart from this, RB is the coolest thing that has happened to me, personally and creatively. I enjoy it with every workshop or every publishing fair. It took me a few years to find how to express myself and with RB I am super comfortable.

What does RB mean for Vik and Vik for RB?

P: Vik is the fucking graphic design and the mega balanced composition. Best mark in super cool and fresh ideas and claims.

V: I don’t know, it’s the vehicle that made us start believing in our ideas. We have met amazing people and they have turned into very solid friends now (S/O to Madrid). What you have created from nothing and almost with no pretensions allows you to work with artists that you admire is just stunning. If RB wouldn’t exist I would probably still be working at university, which is not bad, but it was not sustainable at a creative level. Little kiss for UMH Communication.

How was that you had to leave a stable job at the university to start a personal project?

Well, it’s life. Authentic health, well-being, joy, the best decision we have made. In our family environment collides and surprises, but for us it has been the natural course of things. It arrives that time when you notice in your belly that your site is in another place and that worms eat you sooner or later. Sometimes you do not have to wait for the project to be mature or profitable to work on it. If it motivates you, go ahead.

Is being freelance as cool as it seems?

Yes, it’s fucking cool and liberating. The bad point is the first face-to-face with bureaucracy and paperwork. The educational system don’t show you your responsibilities as a citizen and your alternatives to the traditional work model Employer / Worker. They have not taught us to understand the system and it is frustrating. Being autonomous in Spain is a real shit (S/O to Ministry of Work, Migrations and Social Security) but once you pass this screen the rest is rolled. Not reporting back to a boss or being free to reconcile projects and your personal life is wonderful.

What recommendations can you make to those who are in the situation in which you were before leaving your respective jobs?

We don’t know, we think that more than recommendations this is about making yourself questions. Are you investing your time with people you love? Are you investing your time doing what you like? If you died tomorrow, would you be satisfied with what you have done in your life? These are TOP MEGA TOPIC questions but in the end they work to make a decision. Each person is a world and we all carry a situation behind, so it is difficult to give an ideal recommendation beyond the “IF YOU DO NOT BELONG, DO NOT BE LONG”.

To those who say that talent and creativity can only come about thanks to a confluence of factors that include living in a huge and cosmopolitan city or in an alternative environment, what is being Realmente Bravo in a city like Elche?

With a good router is fucking good (laughs).

We miss much more cultural events and especially to be able to interact with colleagues from work who are in Madrid / Barcelona / Valencia but we do not want to be slaves of the rent or to be sold to the contamination. We are quite calm and the rush of the big city sometimes emerges our most murky side, FOR REAL. In any case, although our house and studio are in Elche, we move very often in the Mazda 2 to huge cities that sometimes have what we miss from ours.

Being roommates, workmates and friends is as cool as it looks?

Ugh, no. But yes. Yes but no. In fact we will have fought like 15 times answering this interview.

Do you believe in universal beauty or are you more of “beauty is in the eyes of the one who looks”?

Beauty is in the eyes of those who look in a specific social and cultural context. The conception of beauty today is very linked to capitalism, so finding some universal beauty or an absolute term is almost impossible. This debate is quite complex, we better talk one day face to face Chez Lakajade.

Art as an individual and personal expression or as a bridge of social connection?

The origin of creating stuff for us is undoubtedly a personal concern. We have always had the need to express ourselves at a plastic, musical or aesthetic level. When you start to work from your concerns, you see that you can also give diffusion to topics that interest you from a social point of view or which you are committed with. We would like to say that we were born with demands for protest but it is always a bit circumstantial. This topic is also cool to discuss Chez Lakajade with “La International” in the background (laughs).

With which artist of the national panorama would you love to work? And international?

P: With people of Manson. I studied Audiovisuals and I am delighted by the world of the video clip, what they do is great, at the height of top people as Gondry.

V: I think Brockhampton would be very high in the international table. The fucking interesting thing of this people is that they do it all, which at the same time is the best thing they have.

What did you feel that day when Agorazein asked you to do the artwork for ‘Siempre’ cover?

We always say that this mail was the spark that made us take RB seriously, at work level. Until then, our project served to give way to ideas that seemed solid and fun and that made us feel how useful we couldn’t feel in our respective careers.

The fact that AGZ wrote us for a job so stunning and delicate at the same time marked a before and after. We began to believe in Realmente Bravo as a professional project and began the itching in the belly that we talked about before. Since then this men has done nothing but give us joys (S/O to Kigo AKA The Tranquil Man).

Which living or dead legend would you like to chat with?

P: Julio Cortázar and Val del Omar.

V: With any of the Surrealists and with my grandmother Chonchón.

And to wake up with?

P: If you mean which dead person we would fuck with, I stay true: Kurt Cobain.

V: Ugh Paula, you’re already older than Kurt, what a slump, right?

What sounds in the study of Realmente Bravo? Any musical dispute between you that has to be arranged with a dinner?

V: Violeta Parra.
P: Plantasia, Ketama, Ozuna and Cuchillo de Fuego… Sometimes I put songs in a loop and Víctor gets angry.

V: No, I say. What happens is that once she kept listening only and exclusively Sober from Mahalia like a week and neither is that. Moreover with the laptop speakers that make me really sick.

Most precious relic in possession?

An original poster of the documentary “Ocaña, retrato intermitente” (Ventura Pons, 1978)
A first edition vinyl of Camarón – La Leyenda del Tiempo (1979)

Which artists do you think surprise you most right now?

P: We are returning to the origins in some way, we are interested in artists that were transgressors at their time and that we don’t know. The cinema of Maya Deren, for example, seems fascinating to me.

V: I have had a very intense loop since a few months ago with life and work of Violeta Parra and also with Yasuaki Shimizu. Referring to current people, Braulio Amado is fucking everyone long time ago.

We know you like movies a lot. Name two movies that you have seen and you have to recommend always and two movies that were more hype than reality.

P: To always recommend, Vertigo. There is no fault.

V: I started watching Moulin Rouge without knowing anything about what was going on and I had to remove it after 10 mins. The flow Toulouse-Lautrec and Nirvana is enough. I don’t know if it’s good as a hype, but I got really freaked out.

Balenciaga or Versace?

V: Guardamar rake.

P: Balenciaga from Cristóbal.

Dellafuente or C. Tangana?

P: Dellafuente.

V: C.

Beethoven or Mozart?

P: Mozart.

V: The dog.

Trump or Bush?

V: Bush from long. Trump is a caricature and Bush a reality.

P: Bush.

If you had to make a still life about Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera, Alberto Garzón and Mariano Rajoy, which objects would you represent each one with?

All them with a Spanish bracelet and the Harry Potter 1 CD.

What role do social networks play for RB?

Without them there would be no RB. If we hadn’t had good reception in Tumblr surely we would have continued at our jobs separately or perhaps another type of stuff. People from other countries began to commission us jobs, collaborations, etc. and it was the motivation to continue experimenting and dedicating time.

People who offer us projects currently contact us through social networks. It has been our way of getting into this “sector”, without knowing anyone and without knowing very well how.

We’re going to commit ourselves… We all know the importance of Instagram for our projects, but how do you carry the feeling of having to be constantly present in the networks and always aware of the affairs of others?

We think we used to make at least a couple of publications per week, to tell the world that we are here and we do things, and please do not forget us. Over time, knowing (and experiencing) how damaging this “addiction” can be, we have been going beyond of it. If we have something, well then. If people forget or leave, well. You have to understand and accept that Instagram is a tool but life is out there. The beer, the pipes, the chinchón and the bank worth more than 1000 likes and when you die you will stay with the first and care less about the second.

Are you obsessed with Likes and Followers?

As we we’re saying, we minded at a certain point and we we’re worried about it. But we finally accepted that our stuff wasn’t for the mass and we started to invest our time in researching, experimenting or just napping.

What would you never do regardless of the price?

Saying that Ceviche is better than Arroz con Costra.

What are you afraid of?

Of poeple that says “I am going to die anyway” to avoid any moderately ethical act. Super dangerous.

What does RB dream with?

With a house in the countryside and organizing cultural stuff.

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