*We’ll Need Three Cabs For all These Guys is a collaborative photo-zine on a skateboarding / friends trip to the big apple edited by Handshake and sponsored by Lakajade.

It is a story told from many points of view about this experience. In it you can find photographs and artwork by Alex Marco, Borja Gomez, Julio Mas Parra, Ruben Montesinos, Juan Gonzalez and Raul Roig.

The name of the fanzine is given as a joke. The trip started being planned by a small group of friends, but thanks to the low cost companies it ended up bringing together a group of fifteen people.

The zine is itself an editorial experiment, in which the separated content can be found in two large sections. Thanks to the type of binding used, interactivity with the fanzine is allowed, being able to separate the stapled publication from the A4 sheets, which are designed to work as an exhibition. You yourself can decide what use you want to give to the different sections.

Lots of $ 1 pizza, Brooklyn, Chinatown, beer, streets, and skate are all you can expect from this publication. Read, play, and enjoy.

Photo-zine presentation and exhibition at Lakajade Store, Valencia.